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Votre garde robe n’aura ainsi plus de secret pour vous.

fille assise sur des machines à laver


Qu’est-ce qui rend une robe belle ? La femme, bien sûr. Des tissus agréables au toucher, des teintes qu’elle aura du mal à choisir, des coupes qui lui donnent confiance en elle…

How to use essential oils ?

Essential oils are back in the spotlight thanks to a growing trend in recent years. Drops of essential oil can change a lot of things, let me tell you. And why we should use essential oils ! Use essential oils on the skin...

The best of essential beach accessories for happy holidays in the sun

Rio or Bora Bora? If you're going on holiday into the sun and have decided on a distinct look that gets you noticed, it's not easy to choose accessories in a style that suits you. Personally, I've gone for a colourful Brazilian...

Sporty and beachwear look !

This summer, sports and beach shops are offering great deals on many items of clothing. This is explained by the fact that the sporty beachwear look is very much in synch with current trends in fashion. Sportswear look This can...

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