How to use essential oils ?

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Essential oils are back in the spotlight thanks to a growing trend in recent years. Drops of essential oil can change a lot of things, let me tell you. And why we should use essential oils !

Use essential oils on the skin

Essential oils are extracted from many different plants, chosen for their unique properties. The extraction process is carried out by using steam or through a dry method (without heat).


They are mainly used for (bio)pharmaceutical purposes and cosmetic products. They are compliant to ANSM and AFNOR/ISO standards, and are used to create various fragrances and food products. A few drops of essential oil in a bath promotes relaxation and provides the benefit of its antiseptic, anti-infection, antibacterial and antibiotic properties (particularly with lavender). They also have a beneficial effect on the skin, according to its type (oily, combination, normal, dry), restoring its beauty and softness.

Use essential oils with atomisers

Essential oils, which are highly volatile, are also used in aromatherapy. They can be composed of a single plant or a combination of plants, and when dispersed by atomisers, they bring a pleasant fragrance to a room, whilst also masking other odours (e.g. household items).
Certain fruits, such as lemon, have insecticidal properties (commonly used to repel mosquitoes) Others can help to maintain good health by using them to disinfect a bedroom or bedding (to destroy dust mites), and can be used to assist breathing during a cold (clearing a stuffy nose).

What do you use essential oils for?

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