Sporty and beachwear look !

Accueil 9 Fashion 9 Sporty and beachwear look !

This summer, sports and beach shops are offering great deals on many items of clothing. This is explained by the fact that the sporty beachwear look is very much in synch with current trends in fashion.

Sportswear look

This can be seen in the way that fitness clothes have become the on-trend style of fashionistas. While some men are attracted to these types of sportswear, it is women who are the most fanatical about them. Indeed, besides their practical side, they allow them to showcase their body.



To be sporty everywhere

With a range of diverse pieces in various colours, this sportswear is suitable for all different figures and shapes. Similarly, this sportswear comes in different sizes. Larger ladies and women with slimmer shapes can all find pieces which suit their body type. In addition to bringing a sensual style to the sporty look, these types of garments are intended to strengthen and refine the silhouette.
The most sophisticated sports outfits. In winter sporty ladies are not able to put on light outfits to go for a run or have an outdoor gym session. The summer holidays are the right time to flaunt what you’ve got and wear close-fitting sportswear which is flexible and comfortable. The designers have focussed on making clothes which combine comfort, practicality and aesthetics. Women will discover these features in fitness outfits such as jackets, bodies and leggings. Moreover, these three pieces are currently the most fashionable.

Fitness leggings hug the curves of the silhouette. Fitness leggings are a form of sports clothing whose role is to refine the waist, thighs and legs. Of all the pieces of fitness clothing, leggings are one of the pieces which are most appreciated by women. Indeed, whether for sport or for wearing in town, they hug the body’s curves perfectly. So that you can always have the right look, fitness leggings come in many colours. Thus, ladies have the opportunity to choose from several pieces. Combining comfort and aesthetics, legging allow women to have a sexy style while respecting personal hygiene. Indeed, the type of cloth from which leggings are designed is perfect for reducing sweating. Thus, it ensures the well-being of the person wearing it. Note that leggings work very well with a simple tank top or body.

The bra which gives cheer-leader style

The fitness bra is one of the sexiest pieces of sportswear. It comes in various forms and multiple colours. Women choose it for its light and particularly aesthetic style. As well as its practical side, this fitness bra gives a cheer-leader look to its wearer. In other words, this outfit helps to create a look which is youthful, dynamic and mesmerizing. The fitness bra is available in various models. These are differentiated by their forms, particularly the neckline and the shoulder straps. Ideal for sports, the bra also brings a touch of sensuality to any sporty outfit. This type of fitness clothing is specially designed to firm the bust. The bras are available in many measurements to suit all women, according to their feminine assets. For a less bold style, the bras may be worn under suits or a top.


To be sexy in your beachwear is now possible

The ultra-trendy fitness body which sticks to the skin!

For the fairer sex in search of a trendy and sexy look, the fitness body is the ultra-trendy outfit which can enhance their silhouette. This extremely slinky little outfit fits perfectly to the skin and reveals the beauty of the body. It is especially loved by women who participate in bodybuilding or weightlifting. Indeed, a fitness body allows them to practice bodybuilding more easily because this outfit stays in place even when the athlete makes expansive movements. In addition to convenience, the fitness body highlights the beauty of the muscles developed after long hours of training.

Sportswear is readily accessible

This summer, go for that sporty look thanks to clothing suited for sport! Are you looking for THE perfect sports outfit? Remember that numerous sports shops have offers on all their items of clothing. When doing sport, it is important to have the perfect accessories to guarantee your comfort and well-being. These offers apply to the whole range of sportswear including leggings, t-shirts, sports bras, leotards and shorts. You can also find various models of sports shoes suitable for walking or running. We recommend you choose good sportswear brands to keep up-to-date and have high quality items of clothing.

If you want to perfect your look, you can take a change of clothes for after having done sport. For example, why not seize hold of that swimming costume you fell for? Swimming fans rush towards all kinds of swimming costumes; one-pieces, trikinis and bikinis are the most popular models for ladies. So what do you think? Don’t hesitate to post your comments and share your passion for sport.

Beachwear: fashion which scores haute couture status!


Now beachwear is even inspired by Haute couture to make the woman sexiest


Sun and warmth await you in the summer. It’s hot outside and you don’t know how to dress? Not to worry: a new trend has just come out not just in shops but also online… beachwear. This style with light and colourful clothing will make your summer even more beautiful. The biggest designers are coming up with swimming costume and Brazilian bikini creations. Exceptional luxury items will make sure you look beautiful all holiday. You can really show off your style right there under the magnificent sun.

The art of beachwear: a way of life

Stay fashionable even on the beach! Luxury beachwear is a look just for summer! Natural and light materials will really show off your tan and send your look soaring. Beachwear is known for being fresh and sexy.
Dresses, flip-flops, pareos, crop tops and shorts. Get a real summer wardrobe. Adapt the style of beachwear to your personality and your look will be even more attractive!

Developments in beachwear

The beachwear look has won over more and more of the big chains as well as great designers! This style of clothing is indeed reworked by designers and falls under the category of haute couture.

Beachwear’s defining feature

The beachwear style is unique because you only wear it in summer. The sexy side of this fashion brings with it a touch of the exotic. Several fashion shows have been held in order to present the designers new collections.
This style of clothing seeks to bring you comfort whilst also helping your posture. Luxury bikinis; a mix of beach wear and lingerie. Designers draw inspiration from the trends of the moment. The temperature is set to rise more in the summer of 2015…

Will it be a beach dress or a pareo for your beachwear look?

Have you had enough of wearing the immortal vest top-denim short combo to the beach on holiday? Even if this is still fashionable, it doesn’t really stand out. With the right accessories, it is entirely possible to be elegant and trendy – at the beach or by the pool. Have you still not made up your mind between a beach dress and a pareo? Here are a few pieces of advice on how to choose the perfect outfit so that you’ll be the height of feminine elegance all summer long!


Beachwear is also all the items around the swimwear

The pareo, beach trend

It is the most practical of all holiday accessories. It doesn’t take up any space and you can wear it casually and with style. It brings together flowing materials and unusual colours. Above all else, the pareo is a piece of cloth. It can be transformed therefore as much as you want! Like all holiday-makers, you too will leave with your favourite pareo. Like everyone, you will tie it in the same way. Ladies, we have to innovate! Stand out and show off the fashionable and original woman that lies within you; on the beach before and after bathing.

How to wear your pareo with style

Enhance your swimsuit with the little wrapover skirt version of the pareo. The asymmetry will lengthen your lovely legs and your swimsuit will do the rest. Fold diagonally in a “W” shape, fold the top again to double your pareo and tie it in front for a touch of glamour. You can even wear your pareo for after-beach dining, making a couture dress with a flick of your hand. Take the whole pareo and slip it under your arms. Put one tail over your should and the second well-secured over your chest. Twist the shoulder tail to create a drape that will go back over your chest and emphasise your waist. Secure the ends and you’ll be ready to dine and dance. Consider matching your earrings with your pareo, especially if your swimsuit is one colour and you are wearing your pareo around your waist. This outfit will also enable you to slim your silhouette and put an end to your unjustified little complexes.

The various pareo styles

Go for prints, flowers and ethnic motifs that are just as popular as the plain. Turquoise blue or green Choose pareos that are rectangular and quite wide. The more fabric there is, the more ideas there will be for creating an original, trendy outfit.

Still not convinced by the pareo? You still can’t tie it correctly? Then choose a beach dress!
Just as light as the pareo, it doesn’t take up space and you are still sure to have a stylish look for the summer holidays. The sun will not be the only thing shining in the tropics!

How do you dress stylishly for the beach?

The beach dress can be transparent to show off your lovely costume without appearing vulgar. Note that black is ideal for achieving contrast between colours. If you have a dream bosom, you shouldn’t hesitate. However, you still have to choose your beach dress carefully. Draw in under the bust for a small stomach, and at the waist if your shoulders are as wide as your hips.

The various beach dress styles

Choose lightweight, fluid fabrics that will allow you to be more comfortable in the heat and avoid synthetic materials that won’t be pleasant to wear and will stick to your skin. Generally, choose one that is loose-fitting, fashionable and that hides imperfections. Get inspired by the 70s when choosing your dress, especially for bringing out the bohemian spirit. We stay with floral or ethnic prints, particularly inspired by Latin American culture. If you’re worried about being too way-out, choose a solid-colour dress with thin straps. You are sure to look chic and relaxed. If you are tall, you can choose longer dresses that will only enhance your assets. For shorter women, it’s better to choose a short length that won’t envelop you. And above all, don’t forget to accessorise your little summer dress.

To shine even more, keep your hair loose. Whether dress or pareo, the important thing is to feel as good on the beach as in the water. So, which beach outfit will you go for? Share your opinion by leaving a comment!

A retro look that’s back!

The one-piece swim suit is not just a fashion that’s returned. On the contrary. The beachwear is inspired by the 50s and 60s when master pieces were made. Fashion never returns without being reinvented! The retro swimsuits are returning even more sculpting and glamorous to flatter feminine curves. Monochrome, flowers or multicoloured, it’s up to you to choose which type of swimsuit is for you!

We also tell you to be more beautiful, so you have to use essential oils !